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Knowing the Basic of Preparing Aerial Maps Melbourne


Topographic maps are prepared using aerial photography lately, which is different form the basic old maps in such a way that these can show both horizontal as well as vertical positions of a terrain. You can find Google maps for example, which includes the real aerial photographs, contour, lines, labels, colours and graphical representations of the cityscapes, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, roads, bridges, and every other possible natural and man-made structures in a region.


Topographic map making


At olden times, most of the maps were made by laborious surveys and fieldwork. Mapmakers first started using aerial photography back in 1930s to produce the most updated maps or various terrain in Australia. Now there are plenty of topographic maps available at various scales. There are also maps of moon and other planets prepared by this way. There are geologic and hydrologic, photo-image maps used for variety of purposes.


The process


Making a perfect topographic map is a complex process, which needed to be accomplished with care and precision. This requires skilled aerial photographers, surveyors, fact checkers, engravers, printers, and compilers to bring it to perfection. Check here for more information. 


Photographing for aerial maps


This is the primary and most important task in aerial mapping. The covered area needed to be photographed from air. Each section of the mapped area needs to be photographed separately from at least two different angels to prepare a stereoscopic 3D image, which can be further converted to contoured lines. Find more details about aerial photography .


The photographs need to be taken under clear sky and the sun also should be at a proper angle to unveil the exact characteristics of the terrain. There are many other considerations too to be done as in areas with deciduous woods, photos needed to be taken between the seasons of fall and early spring with the ground features more visible as the trees bare. The aircraft chosen for this purpose as well as the altitude from which the photos can be taken are also important factors. 


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