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Necessary Rules About Flying A Drone In Australia

Drones are into use very recently. Its multipurpose use makes it acceptable for all and any possible purpose. Drone is slowly becoming an important part of everyone’s lives. Be it for recreational purpose or investigation purpose, be it for professional purpose or military or intelligence purpose drones are the perfect machines that can be used for accomplishing the desired tasks. With advancements in technologies, there are different models of drones available in the market at different prices. Drones are different, and their way of handling is also different and unique. However, there are certain rules about flying drones in Australia, specifically in the terrestrial land. Learn the basics of drone flying and the techniques on aerial photography at

As the trend of flying drone is very much in trend in Australia, and recently a lot of drones are seen buzzing in the sky, the government of Australia has stated some rules that anyone flying a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) needs to follow. Firstly anyone who wants to fly a drone needs to have a license for doing so. This type of license is known as Remote Pilot License (RePL).

The other rules for flying a drone in Australia are:

The standard conditions for operating a drone or an RPA are:

An RPA should only be flown within a visual line of sight. Once it goes out of sight, one should be sure that he or she is going against the law.

It is only permissible to fly a drone only at a maximum height of 400 ft AGL. One more important law about drone states that it is only legal to fly a drone in the daylight.

One should be cautious enough not to fly a drone nearer to someone who is not engaged with the drone operator. The Australian law further states that there should be a minimum distance of at least 30 m between any unknown person and the drone. You can also read this blog and see how aerial photography can improve your career as a photographer.

Government orders

The orders passed by the government further states that a drone or an RPA should not be operated over any populous area or even any entry restricted or prohibited area. Flying a drone over an area where any accident or rescue mission is going on is also a big no-no. This kind of act will only be permissible with the consent of the in charge of that emergency operation. In any restricted area marked as RA1, RA2 or RA3 is punishable otherwise with accordance with law regulation 101.065.

For commercial drone, the pilot has to maintain certain rules. They are:

  • The pilot should be UAV controller certified or UAV operator certified.
  • The drone should not fly below 120m.
  • It should at least be 5.5 km away from any aerodrome or helipad.
  • It should definitely be at a distance of 3 m away from other people

These are the fundamental rules that one wishing to fly a drone needs to follow. The rules about flying drones in Australia are strictly imposed for safety measures and to ensure the minimum privacy of every individual’s life. Get more info and tips about the advantages of aerial drone photography.
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